Full of Emptiness…

Lotus, nelumbo, pink #9
Lotus, nelumbo, pink #9

Have you ever awakened to find yourself not there? Not only are YOU not there, but your expectations of what LIFE is, aren’t there?… At all?

There is a buoyantly fleeting instant of sensing something so quietly vast, so softly intense, so endlessly Present. Not an ounce of what you thought LIFE is all about, what you believe you see and experience, represents the truth you are experiencing in that moment – full of Emptiness.

Such a profound insight, or one similar to it, may completely rearrange your perception and lifestyle. However, the automatic coffee boils the next morning, and LIFE begins all over again. While reading the morning news, sipping your cuppa, Science may effectively dissect your startling experience. But, does that help you to understand, communicate, and share the depth of meaning you’ve found through this rare experience? Does it update your vision of a meaningful life?

One response to “Full of Emptiness…”

  1. Your artwork is truly strong and beautiful. (And I’m not just saying that because you bought us lunch yesterday.)

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